About Never Fly Coach Again

Never Fly Coach Again is a travel company that works with individuals and companies to get the lowest international business and first class airfares from the USA to all worldwide destinations. Our mission is to save you money on your business & first class airfares.

We have more than a century – over 127 years to be exact – of combined travel industry expertise. And we use every minute of it to your advantage. Never Fly Coach Again was one of the first companies to focus exclusively on making it easy for savvy international business travelers to save money on last minute flights.  We continue to be considered a pioneer in the field – now offering business and leisure travelers special business & first class airfares on over 90 airlines.

What  The Press Has Said About Our Founders – Michael Giles & Bernadette Moffat

In the American press, we have enjoyed television coverage on Good Morning America, and on CNN’s Travel Guide, the latter piece aired for the second time in January 2000. Some of the publications that have covered us are Fortune Magazine, Newsweek, The Washington Post & The Chicago Tribune.

The London Times also did a story on us. As have all three of South Africa’s then largest national papers – Sunday Business Times, Business Day and the Sunday Times.

Here is what some of them have said about Michael, Bernadette or Heritage Africa:

“Heritage Africa is … at the epicenter of [tourism] to South Africa.”

Los Angeles Times, September 10, 2002

“South Africa will have to create new wealth… for democracy to work. So far the couple [Michael Giles and Bernadette Moffat] is off to a good start.”

Washington Post, May 14, 1994

“[With] missionary zeal [to] make their contribution to the new South Africa…Bernadette Moffat and her husband Michael Giles sold their house and gave up six figure salaries as lawyers in Washington.”

London Sunday Times, October 2, 1994

“Michael Giles saw opportunity … the Columbia Law graduate left the US to settle in South Africa in 1993”

Fortune Magazine, October 17, 1994

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